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Gepostet von Skanking105 am Mittwoch, 22. August 2018

article Do The Dog Music !!!

« One of France’s most energetic & entertaining combos BEER BEER ORCHESTRA have returned to action with a storming new album titled « En Cavale ». I have been lucky enough to catch these guys live on several occasions & have always been impressed by their in-yer-face, shout-a-long brand of fast paced 2 tone & ska/punk. ».

   Do The Dog Music- Avril 2018

Beer Beer will be back in Czech Republic

It’s a real pleasure for us to prepare our next coming back in Czech republic. We’ve got a lot of friends over there and it s a good satisfaction to play our ska music in this country!!

remember, stay rude and stay rebel, stay unite and free!

stay cloud and stay rebel hoho cheers to all our friends!